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    West Michigan Park Flyers is your premier source for flying foam models! We guarantee that our kits are some of the best designed and flying foam models that you can find anywhere. WMPF does more than anyone else to our kits to get you in the air faster! Our kits are being flown around the world and we back our products with personal support long after the sale. But don't just take our word for it...





















    "I really like my WMPF foamies! I find them to be very durable and surprisingly precise. I often fly mine in my front yard as they don’t require a lot of space. They are a great learning tool for the beginner, seasoned pro, or anyone who loves flying rc."

    Jase "The Ace" Dussia - National Competitive Pilot

    We know pictures are worth a thousand words, so these should be worth a few million!