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This page is incomplete. We will be updating it with all our new pilots and new pictures soon. Stay tuned!

Team West Michigan Park Flyers

WMPF is happy to sponsor these pilots!

Jase Dussia

West Michigan Park Flyers would like to thank Jase Dussia and family for all their support as WMPF has grown from infancy to what we are today. We would like to wish Jase all the best in his future endeavors as he moves up the competition ladder seeking bigger fish to fry and knocking competitors out of the top spots. I am sure Jase will dominate over the competition everywhere he decides to compete. See ya on the flight line.

Ashleigh Heath

Hi, I’m Ashleigh Heath. I am 14 years old and in the 8th grade. I began flying when I was 11. I started off with the HobbyZone SuperCub LP. A few crashes and repairs later, I had taught myself to fly. A couple months after that I got my first 4 channel plane and was hooked on the hobby. I stuck to small foamies until the summer of 2012. I flew my first gas giant at the Joe Nall, a 3D HobbyShop 104” Slick. I had been saving my money to get a 30cc plane for some time, I ended up getting a 3DHS 71” Slick in late June. I spent most of the summer building it and learning a lot more about the hobby. On my Slick’s second flight I lost all control (due to batteries coming unplugged) and it could not be saved. I now have a 3DHS 72” Extra and a few other balsa planes along with some foamies. I enjoy this hobby very much and I’m going to stick with it for a long time. If you would like to see some of my flying, check out my YouTube channel: RcGirl383.

Cliff Nagayama

I have been in the hobby for 7 years now. I started with a 3 channel Parkzone P-51, and a week later started flying small electric 3D/aerobatic planes. After about a year, I came across WM Parkflyers EPP Yak 55 and just had to have one! Soon after I got my first gas plane, a Wildhare Edge 540. It had a short life and was replaced by a Wildhare Sukhoi. I eventually moved up to a 36% and just a year ago started into helis. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a pilot for WM Parkflyers and look forward to all the fun we have together!

Nick Sherman

I've been flying r/c planes for about 10 years now. Started out flying an unknown piece of junk from radio shack and went to the local R/C club and was steered in the right direction from there. I got my feet wet with a 25 size high wing trainer and moved on to a Tiger 60 from there. I built and over powered an electric DC-3 and discovered my flying style...old style classic aircraft with a modern style of flight. Ever seen a DC-3 knife edge or fly inverted? I went on to play with helicopters and large EDF jets a bit and moved into indoor flying and discovered EPP specifically WMParkflyers.com and began the 3D phase of my hobby. The ease of learning without having to pay for your mistakes in hours of rebuilding and messy gluing. Today I combine a little bit of everything in my flying style but draw inspiration from full scale air show acts of popular pilots today and add maneuvers that are only possible with R/C applications due to power to weight efficiency of modern airframes. I typically enjoy any plane as long as im flying!

Joe Vermillion

Hey there! My Name is Joe Vermillion and I am very excited to be a member of the West Michigan Park Flyers Team! I work for General Motors for the last 20 years and am now an elected official with the UAW. I am also a professional photographer. I have had the great pleasure of also being a Team Pilot for Precision Aerobatics! My Hanger includes a WMPF MC Foamy, and Mako XL, CARF Models 35% Extra 330L powered by a DA 100, a Precision Aerobatics Addiction X, and Extra 260, FMS P-51 Redtail, DJI Phantom, Hanger 9 Corsair, Segull Models Yak 54, Axe CP 100, and a 1SQ quad. I attend several R/C events through out the year including, Joe Nall, NEFI, SEFF, Horizon Indoor, Toledo and many others. Please feel free to stop and ask any questions you may have! I am always looking forward to meeting new people. My photography work with in the hobby can be viewed at http://jwphotoanddesign.com/world-of-flight. Stay tuned there will be many more shots to come! Be sure to stop by the WMPF event booths and say hi! See you in the Sky!

Noah Vierling

Noah started to play around with the flight simulator at the age of 18 months. He grew up with airplanes, playing in the boxes and handing dad the right tools. Noah has always been by his dads side at the airfield every chance he got and showed a natural love for airplanes. When he was three he would sit in his dads lap with the transmitter and they would fly together. One day, his dad handed him the transmitter to one of the micro champs. Fully expecting to end up with a broken airplane, Noah shocked everyone by taking off, flying, and landing without any issues. The very next day we were searching for a plane just for him. Noah didn't want a normal high wing trainer, so we finally agreed on the Tango from Hangar 9. After just a few weeks of flying on the buddy box, he was able to solo the Tango.

Noah has spent a lot of time out at the airfield and has become well known by everyone in the local club. He has always wanted to fly more aerobatic/3D and has really enjoyed flying foamies. He has flown at the South Dakota HuckFest 2011, and the last two years at the Expo in the Dome with WMPF foamies. He really does enjoy flying them and is very proud to now be a part of the WMPF team.