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Acro Magnum Wing Upgrade

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You can now convert your Magnum Reloaded into an Acro-Magnum Reloaded complete with ailerons!

WMPF now has the conversion kit to Acro Magnum reloaded, now with the conversion kit you can transform your existing Magnum reloaded into an Acro Magnum Reloaded with an aileron wing. This wing fits without modification to the existing hull of your Magnum reloaded. Wing set comes with all the parts that need to attach to the wing (winglets, Landing Gear, ailerons) Floats will attach the same as with your regular Magnum Reloaded. And when you want to change back all you have to do is swap out the wings anb you are back in the air with the 3 channel again. Age recommendation: from 14 Years and up