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Liberty Biplane XL

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The Liberty XL is a full fuselage, 6mm thick EPP, 3D biplane. Its large ailerons give it a very fast roll rate. The large elevator and rudder allow for precise control during acrobatic maneuvers.

Note: We are a small Mom and Pop manufacturer. We hand craft all of our kits to order one at a time! Kits can take 5-7 days (longer for painted kits) before they are ready for shipping. We run them in batches, so please understand your order may not go out immediately.

36" wing span, 36" length, 10x6 prop, 14 oz AUW.
- Center of gravity is 2-1/2” from front edge of upper wing, at the root or center.
- Motor: (40 to 50 grams) Angel A2208-15 1260KV Brushless 
- 9X5 Direct Drive Prop
- Battery: 800 mah to 1300 mah 11.1 V
- Speed Control: 20 Amp.
- 9 gram servos, 2 for ailerons and 1 for elevator.
- 5 gram servos, 1 for rudder.

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