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Mako XL Sea Plane

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West Michigan Park Flyers LLC is pleased to bring you the Mako XL Sea Plane designed by John W. Van Baren. This plane has a twin hull design for added stability during high speed water runs as well as improved ground handling making it as much fun on the ground as it is in the air. With its generous wing area and dual tail boom it sets in for some really long and smooth glide paths. On more than one occasion we have watched the designer set his transmitter on the ground and walk back to his chair while the plane comes in and lands on its own. Just line it up with the end of the runway trim up the elevator cut the throttle and let the plane do the rest. You have to see it to believe it. Of course this was done with a properly trimmed and tuned airframe but none the less it is quite amazing to watch.

From high speed ground action playing follow the leader doing hand stands (coined stink bugging) to flying in a group of mako's flying six wide through the turns bumping wing tips. I would have to say this is the most enjoyable airframe I have ever had the chance to fly. Its flight envelope includes rolling circles, rolling loops and eights, pop tops, high alpha rudder dips in the water, hand stands on dry land, as well as power slides on the snow and ice. This plane is literally as much fun in the air as it is in the ground.

Download it on realflight and try it out today: Download here

This is a complete Short kit. Everything less electronics.

In Stock and ready to ship !

Flight Attributes:

  • High Alfa flight
  • Hand stands and high speed water taxiing
  • Rolling circles, loops and eights
  • Pop Tops
  • Inverted flight as well as knife edge

Kit Content overview:

  • Ready Hobby Foam (Similar to Depron)
  • Wing sheet 1 and 2
  • Float Sheet 1 and 2
  • 2 narrow part sheets #1 and #2
  • All Carbon Fiber Pre - cut to save you time.
  • Mako XL Wooden control horn and parts set.
  • Piano wire – Pre - cut and bent to save you time.
  • Dubro E-Z connects
  • Dubro Micro E/Z Link
  • Heat Shrink 6 pcs
  • Fiberglass Adhesive Sheet  2) three inch strips.
  • Dubro Hatch Latch ( 1 )

- Wing span – 42”
- Length – 46”
- Weight - (without battery) – 26 oz (with battery) – 37 to 42oz
- Center of gravity is 16 1/2” from tip of floats
- Motor: Suppo A2814/6 - 1400 KV (3s) or A2814/8 - 1100 KV (4s)
- Prop: 8X6E or 9X5E
- Battery: 3300 mah (4s) to 4000 mah (3s) (min of 330g battery weight needed to balance plane)
- Speed Control: 60 Amp
- 9 gram servos, 2 Aileron Servos
- 11 gram Goteck GS-9025MG Micro Analog 11g Metal-Gear Servo (STRONG) for rudder and elevator
- Servo Extensions Same as original mako. 300mm or 12inches. Longer will work to, but not shorter.

Motor-prop recommendations:
4s - Suppo A2814/8 - 1100 KV with 9x5e prop.
14.8v 3300mah battery (need 330g weight to balance plane)
60 amp esc

4s - Exceed RC rocket motor 3015 - 1300kv with 9x4.5e prop.
14.8v 3300mah battery (need 330g weight to balance plane)
60 amp esc

4s - SunnySky X2814 KV1250 with 9x4.5e prop.
14.8v 3300mah battery (need 330g weight to balance plane)
60 amp esc

3s - Suppo A2814/6 - 1400 KV with 9x6e prop.
11.1v 4000mah battery (need 330g weight to balance plane)
60 amp esc

Items needed to complete this build. All items can be purchased below.

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