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Mini Mako

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The mini mako as a pint sized Mako with a full size attitude. The mini was designed to be a trainer type plane with the stable tracking and flight of its big brother the full size Mako. It is made out of EPP foam so it is not meant for water. It is suited for indoor or outdoor flight off from a smooth surface. It has a low self righting center of gravity that will right itself when you get into trouble but still allow you to fly upside down while practicing inverted flight and orientation. It will loop, roll and tumble with its generous flight surfaces. This plane is meant to take a pounding and come back for more making it a great beginner plane.

Flight attributes:

  • High alpha flight
  • Self righting low center of gravity
  • Nose stands (even wall stands and ceiling stands)
Note: We are a small Mom and Pop manufacturer. We hand craft all of our kits to order one at a time! Kits can take 5-7 days (longer for painted kits) before they are ready for shipping. We run them in batches, so please understand your order may not go out immediately.

Kit content overview:

EPP 9mm:

  • EPP sheet 1 (CNC laser cut)
  • Carbon Fiber 3 X 2 Tube 2 pcs. cut to the following lenghts.
  • #1) 21 inches 11 inches
  • #2) 10 inches 10 inches and 7 inches
  • Carbon Fiber 1.5 solid 1 pcs. cut to the following lengths.
  • 10 in. 10in. 17 in.
  • Carbon Fiber 1.2 solid, 2 pcs. each of the following lengths for trussing. (working from the front of the plane to the back) 2-1/2 , 3-3/8 , 4.0 , 4-1/8 , 4-3/4 , 3-3/4
  • Carbon Fiber 1.2mm solid 2 pcs. 4.0 in long tail struts.
  • Mini Mako Wooden control horn and parts set.
  • Piano wire – ( 5 ) Z-bends and 4 straights.
  • Dubro E-Z connects ( 5)
  • Heat Shrink 6 pcs

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