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Prop Saver Bands

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WMParkflyers has the ultimate prop saver bands. We have been searching for a long time for just the right material to make these bands and persistence has paid off. We found a special military grade of latex tubing that really fits the bill. Go ahead and stretch it, bend it, twist it, compress it—this tubing will spring back to its original shape! Don't be grounded because you cant keep your prop on! Satisfaction Guaranteed

The difference between the Prop bands and the O-rings supplied with our propsaver kit is that "O" rings are not meant to be stretched . The larger O-rings are a cheap Chinese substitute from China. They will not last long and will break. Either losing your prop or causing your plane to fall on the rudder, possibly stripping the servo, servo, when in storage hanging from the prop.

The surgical rubber tubing we sell is meant to be stretched and is UV resistant.  They will not crack or break when stretched. Although they are more difficult to install on the Prop and motor, they will keep you in the air longer and keep your plane safe when in storage while hanging from the Prop.

You can make or purchase one of our Prop Saver tools to make it easier to install the Prop band on your motor.

 • Temperature Range: 0° to 158° F • Wall Hardness: Very soft (Shore A: 35) • Tensile Strength: 4000 psi • Very flexible • Abrasion-Resistant

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