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Quasar 3D Delta XL

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Quasar 3D Delta XL
The Quasar 3D Delta XL is a great all around flyer that presents is self well in the air. The original quasar was designed as an indoor flyer. It was such a hit and so easy to fly we just had to make an XL version for outdoors.
The XL is made from our custom hot wired 12 mm 1.3lb EPP foam. It has inlaid leading edge carbon fiber as well as 4mm tube spars. The nose is reinforced with carbon fiber strip as well as backed up with foam wedges. This combination has created the most durable airframe in our fleet. The Quasar XL is a fully capable 3D airframe great for practicing new maneuvers as well as laid back general flying. With the CG set slightly tail heavy it will hang on the prop literally hands off on the transmitter. The Quasar 3D Delta is a great all around airframe for the beginner pilot as well as advanced, with a full flight envelope for you to enjoy.
Kit Contents:
  • All Laser Cut Foam Parts
4MM tube 
  • 1pc)30-1/2  in Long
  • 1pc) 26-3/8 in Long
  • 1pc) 15-3/4 in Long
3mm X .8 Flat
  • 2pcs) 11-1/2 in long
  • 2pcs) 26-1/4 long
  • 2pcs) 4 in long
Trussing 1.5mm Solid
  • 4pcs 6-1/4 long
  • 2pcs 9-1/2
Control Rods
  • 2pcs) 14-1/8 in. long
  • 1pcs) 20 in. long
  • 3) Z bends
  • 3) Straight
  • Heat Shrink
  • 3) Dubro E-Z connects
  • 1)Wooden Control Horn and firewall set
Flight Attributes:
  • Hovering ease
  • Smooth flight
  • 3D capability
West Michigan Park Flyers Gets You In The Air FASTER!
WMPF does more pre-assembly for you to get you in the air much faster than anyone else in the business! The parts are all cut by CNC laser from 12mm #1.3lb EPP and have alignment tabs for easier building. The kit has of all the foam pieces pre-cut, control surfaces pre-beveled and hinges glued. The aileron servo cutout in the fuselage for a 12 gram servo is pre-cut to speed assembly. The wing spar slot is pre-cut into the bottom of the wing and elevator.  All Hinges and are glued with Beacon Foam Tac Glue.
Note: We are making these kits to order! Kits can take 2-3 days (longer for painted kits) before they are ready for shipping. We run them in batches, so please understand your order may not go out immediately.
  • Weight 14.2 ounces (without battery)
  • Wingspan 32 in.
  • Length 40-1/2 in.
  • Wing Area 661 Sq. in.
Recommended setup:
  • Motor:Sunny Sky 2212 980kv V3
  • ESC: 30 Amp ESC
  • Servo: EMAX ES08MD 13g Mini Metal Digital
  • Prop: APC 10 X4.7
  • Battery: Glacier 1000mAh, 30C, 11.1V, 3 cells 
  • Prop Saver: 3.17 or direct mount
  • CG 13-ΒΌ back from the firewall
Needed to complete this build:
  • Motor
  • Esc
  • Jst (battery connector)
  • 3 servos
  • prop
  • Glue
  • Velcro

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