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Note: We will be bringing a few painted kits back to the website. I have an apprentice painter starting out. The cost of the planes I paint are going up and will be a custom order by phone. The apprentice planes still look good and are inspected by me and the Boss aka Barb for quality and uniformity. Freehand hand air brushing is an art and one has to start at the beginning, i know I did!

This plane has been a hit everywhere it flies! It's great for both those just learning to fly or 3D and the pro flyer.The Yak flies like its' depron brother, but has the "bounce-ability" of EPP.This plane was designed by Leadfeather from RCGroups, and is being made available through WMPF with his permission. Be sure to check out the forum here and the build guide here .

All flat foamies now come with the trussing for the bottom included in the kit at no extra charge.

Yak 55 Attributes:

  • Durable & easy to repair
  • Easy to hover
  • Ability to fly in tight quarters
  • 3D capability

Wing Span: 32.5
All up Weight: 6.5 to 7oz

Standard Foam With Spars Short Kit:

This option has foam parts with spar grooves cut in, hinges beveled and glued. All control horn slots as well as trussing slots are laser cut. The Carbon fiber spars are included and glued in. All the carbon fiber control rods, piano wire, wood control horn package as well as your choice of motor mount is included in the kit. This kit has foam Gussets for stiffening instead of trussing. This is a complete airframe kit ready to build, less electronics. This option can be ordered in a painted or unpainted airframe.

West Michigan Park Flyers Gets You In The Air FASTER!
WMPF does more pre-assembly for you to get you in the air much faster than anywhere else! The parts are all cut by CNC laser from 9mm #1.3lb EPP and have alignment tabs for easier building. The kit has of all the foam pieces pre-cut, control surfaces pre-beveled and hinges glued. The aileron servo cutout in the fuselage for a 9 gram servo is pre-cut to speed assembly. The wing spar slot is pre-cut into the bottom of the wing and elevator. The spars are installed for you for all but the foam only kit options. All Hinges and Spars are glued with Beacon Foam Tac Glue.

Note: We are making unpainted kits to order! Kits can take 2-3 days before they are ready for shipping. We run them in batches, so please understand your order may not go out immediately. All painted kits you see are in stock and ready to ship.

5 Stars
I've got six flights on the plane and this is a stupid fun little airplane. I bought it to practice some maneuvers figuring if I wreck it I'm not out much money and my flying today showed that. I started working on harriers, inverted flight, flat rudder turns, loops and rolls low to the ground, flat spins and other craziness. I'm not looking to become the next great 3D pilot but I would like to expore this type of planes capabilities and become a better pilot. I'm using a 2S 600mAh battery and getting 7 minutes of flying at mostly 1/2 throttle, from a harrier if I go full throttle she will accelerate going straight up. I may try a 3S battery for fun. I found the low end speed of the plane really good, she'll fly at walking speed and remain controllable. I made the mistake of using Roc Hobby (FMS) servos and they don't center very well, the plane was always out of trim after full deflection of the controls. I'm going to order servos from West Michigan Park Flyers in hopes they will be better than the Roc Hobby ones I put in. The plane was a quick and easy build, I was intimidated by the thought of cutting and gluing all the carbon fiber rods to the underside for strength but that proved to be really easy to do. If you're looking for a fun little foamy to toss around the sky this plane fits the bill and looks good.
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Reviewed by:  from Des Moines. on 11/19/2017
5 Stars
My favorite foamy
My all time favorite foamy! Flies great on 2 or 3 cells. Easily repaired with Foam Tac adhesive. Sadly after 7 years and hundreds of flights she's more adhesive from repairs than foam now. Alas, I just ordered a brand new one and look forward to a new neon orange one!
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Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma City. on 1/6/2019
5 Stars
Logo plane!
My 5th WMParkflyers plane! I always wondered how well the Yak in the WMParkflyers logo flew, so I called Barb & requested the Yak55 painted red with black flames...first of all, what a beautiful paint job!!! Second, she tracks straight and because it's a WMParkflyers plane, it flys slow and takes a whooping!
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Reviewed by:  from Tucson, AZ.. on 2/18/2018
5 Stars
Back in the saddle
After taking a few years off from the hobby i decided to was time to get back to it i started looking around for something 3d to fly in my backyard i came across wmpf after looking around the site undecided of what would fit the bill i gave them a call and spoke to a very nice lady named Barb who was very knowledgeable in their product and the hobby it's nice to talk to people who are passionate about what they do she helped me pick a kit that would fit what I was looking for. My yak arrive tonight it was one of the easiest 2 hour builds I've ever done the whole kit was very well laid out, most of the kits out always leave some modification needing to be done or shortage of materials assembling, this kit was very easy and very relaxing to assemble. Due to weather haven't gotten its fly it yet hopefully tomorrow will definitely be purchasing from West Michigan Park Flyers again.
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Reviewed by:  from WAYNESVILLE. on 6/8/2019

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